Michigan citizens file suit challenging unconstitutional Emergency Manager law

June 22, 2011

Citizens from across Michigan filed suit Wednesday June 22, 2011 challenging the constitutionality of Michigan Public Act 4. Sugar Law is representing these dedicated individuals along with several other top attorneys. Learn more about the lawsuit at www.democracyemergency.org.

According to plaintiff, Kym Spring from Grand Rapids, “The emergency manager law is a shameless power grab by Lansing politicians and their cronies who want to take away the will of the people. The only people who benefit from this dangerous law are those who want to wage vendettas against their political enemies so they can pursue their own narrow political agendas, not the needs of the people. Michigan deserves leaders who can come together to fix our problems. Instead, we have an unconstitutional law that takes away people’s rights and local decision-making.”

Michiganders are taking on this controversial emergency manager law, and they need your support. Click to take action or donate now.

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10 comments to “Michigan citizens file suit challenging unconstitutional Emergency Manager law”

  1. Stephen Stalter | June 22, 2011 | Permalink

    This is simply the latest salvo in the corporate war for control of what’s left of the public sector. It exemplifies the near complete capture of our democracy at the hands of corporate power and their minions in our government. I find it disheartening that anyone can say they adhere to the values of our nation’s founding fathers and then vote republican. The disconnect is staggering.

  2. Donna Glowacki | June 22, 2011 | Permalink

    As a lifelong resident of Michigan, I wish to thank the Sugar Law Center for initiating legal action against the EMF law that threatens the foundation of democracy. I am helping to circulate petitions for the recall of Rick Snyder as one of the efforts to restore people power to Michigan. I pray that your law suit is successful. Another is the petition now circulating to place a repeal of the law on the ballot. As you know, the MI Supreme Court and legislature are currently all in the Republican column. This will be an uphill battle.

  3. gary hershoren | June 22, 2011 | Permalink

    The efforts are more than simply a ‘power grab,’ but an attack on individuals, taxation without representation; a further march towards disenranchisment. The rich/powerful further cementing their take over, economically, politically, as well as local decision making.

    These are Republicans, finally coming out from behind the hiding and showing their controling agenda.

  4. Ken Driver | June 23, 2011 | Permalink

    Violating our Constitutional Rights is the priority of the frightened, and empowered wealthy; clinging to their self-serving needs. Justice is buried somewhere, beneath the bribes and purchases of those; who are positioned to uphold it. Meanwhile, our poorly educated, apathetic populace wait for illusionary relief: as if it is just around the corner. Does justice still exist to remove Rick Snyder, and those who support him, for violating the very oath of office which they swore to? Would take much to move those consumed with struggling day to day; those who enlightened; and those who are empowered.

  5. Elizabeth Kushigian | June 23, 2011 | Permalink

    I am happy to hear of the lawsuit. I am from Michigan, though I now live in both MA and Costa Rica. I have thought about moving back to Michigan to help with the effort to recall Snyder. I can’t give much, but I’d like to contribute to this lawsuit. Can I make a dedicated contribution?

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  8. Betty Hufnagel | August 22, 2011 | Permalink

    I agre this new law is taking my rights away. We hae an Emergency Manager that even thinks that he can open anything just by calling the person and telling him. He even thinks that some agencies are not important to involve mook disasters. I sure hope that the recall goes thru.

  9. pati heinz | September 16, 2011 | Permalink

    I live in Benton Harbor, one of the cities under a dictatorship. Joe Harris is doing everything he can to destroy this city. His latest antics occurred yesterday. I turned on the local radio station to listen to Commissioner Juanita Henry’s show,Turning Point on 96.5FM. She has always listed jobs from the job bank so residents here might have a chance at getting a job. Ms. Henry was told if she gave out that information anymore she would be pulled off the air!! I thought America was land of the free-not in Benton Harbor, MI. Gov. Snyder needs to be removed from office,as does Al Pscholka,the fool who wrote Act 4. Please pray for the people of Benton Harbor, especially the children and the elderly. We are all human beings and we each deserve to live our lives in peace, and to be given the same rights as everyone else. America’s government has all but turned it’s back on the average person, although it is the sweat of farmers, factory workers, laborers that has made this nation so great. Well, it’s not so great now that corporate America and the Republicans are trying to run the show. If we don’t change the direction the gov. is headed, we will all be in a much worse crisis than the market crash.

  10. Pati Heinz | September 17, 2012 | Permalink

    I just want to say thank you for being one of the very few who have taken the plight of Mich. seriously. Too many just choose to look the other way, and I think fear is a factor in some cases. When Corp. and gov. are involved in something of this measure there’s a lot at stake. But, we as a people MUST come together and bring the one’s doing wrong into the light of day.

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