Supporting low wage people, their families, and communities through advocacy, education, and research.


Everyday, the economic and social rights of low income workers and communities are threatened by unfair employment practices, inappropriate development deals, environmental harms, and a range of discriminatory corporate and government policies. The Sugar Law Center aims to support low income workers, their families, and communities as they stand up and stand together for a fuller realization of their economic and social rights.  Find out how you can help.

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our Projects

Our efforts focus on issues of decent work, fair development, and environmental protection. We combine public education, policy initiatives, know-your-rights trainings, legal advocacy, technical support, and other tools to support low-income individuals, families, and communities.



Sugar Law provides broad support to workers across many industries. We file claims on behalf of low wage, temp agency, and immigrant workers while also educating community groups and advocating for policy change on wage issues. Our office works to ensure that workers receive all their wages and we use creative strategies towards this end.

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community benefits

Sugar Law provides wide-ranging support to community benefits coalitions while advocating for equitable economic development practices that will create good jobs, affordable housing, and safe living environments.


unemployment insurance

After policy changes at state agencies, thousands of persons have been wrongfully denied unemployment insurance and falsely accused of benefits fraud. Our office is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that workers receive the benefits they earned during years of work to support their families at the time income is most needed.


Mass layoffs & worksite closings

In addition to representing displaced workers in court, we advocate for stronger protections under the Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) and other laws that provide economic security to workers, their families, and their communities when job loss occurs.


Democracy emergencies

Through civic engagement, public education, grass roots advocacy, and litigation, we seek changes to undemocratic and discriminatory laws that disproportionately appoint emergency managers to govern in communities of color and economically poor areas.


fair funding for cities

Cities and local governments have faced dramatic cuts in funding from state government over the past decades resulting in marked cuts in social services, infrastructure, and public safety in our most vulnerable communities. We seek to ensure fair funding at levels established by the people of Michigan in our state constitution.


environmental justice

Environmental discrimination threatens communities of color and economically marginalized communities throughout the country. Through advocacy and representation, we work to ensure safe and healthy living environments for all.

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in memory of neal bush



Our multi-strategy approach combines public education, policy initiatives, know-your-rights training, legal advocacy, research, technical support, and other tools to provide support to communities on their economic and social rights.